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Wolf Ridge Ski Resort

578 Valley View Circle

Nestled in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina and conveniently located just 5 miles off I-26, Wolf Ridge Ski Resort has tremendous offerings for the ski and snowboard enthusiast. Whether you are a beginner or expert, long-time regular or first-time visitor, you are certain to find exactly what you are looking for at North Carolina's premier snow sport facility!


Adam Carlson

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018
We enjoyed our time here!! The lodge is basic, but it fulfills the need; you're there to ski or board, not sit, anyway :) :) :) Use caution walking on the black rubber... it was slippery. The hills were nice with some fresh powder, but a few icy spots. We were there Friday morning into Friday afternoon. Hill was great and quiet in the nothing, until just after lunch time, then it picked up. Still wasn't bad, but started to get much more busy, especially with only one lift running. Still VERY HAPPY and will DEFINITELY be back. Easy access from the highway, but I did NOT like the walk in from the parking lot-- Long walk with a bunch of stairs.

Brian Chen

Tuesday, April 17, 2018
Well worth the experience I had here, except the part when i slammed my face on ice towards the end of the season when it got warm out. For the price on a Tuesday you can't beat it. Slopes were good, grooming wasn't so great but it was solid ice. I just wish they would open back up the other side of the mountain.

Amy Kelly

Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018
Boy Scout Troop 218 spent 2 days skiing at Wolf Ridge. We were treated like family and not a number . All employees are friendly and helpful. Highly recommended. Group sales has the sweetest group of ladies in their office. Food at the grill was awesome. Mark sure knows how to feed a group of boys. Rick, co-owner could be seen helping everywhere that was needed. Prices are great too. We'll be back next year to SKI THE WOLF!!!

David R. Smith

Monday, Feb. 12, 2018
Wolf Laurel is a good NC ski resort with a 750 foot vertical drop. Weekday special is equipment and lift ticket for $40. Ski conditions were excellent the day we skied with a 55" base, packed powder and 26 degrees. There were less than 50 skiers there in the morning so we really had the place to ourselves and skied every slope. 8 minute lift ride for 3 minutes down but it's still skiing...better than working. Dry county and dry resort so byob and be discreet. We usually picnic outside on the deck but food prices are reasonable in the lodge. Avoid on holiday weekends due to long lift lines and the presence, on the slooes, of every area Yahoo who never skied before.

Steve Somebodyinsky

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018
I am not an avid Skier in fact my leg was bothering me too much to be able to ski while there so this is not a review of the skiing facilities. We did however tube. Not the hill at the resort but the one at the bottom of the mountain and it was fine. Ok so the lodging. Rented a townhouse but had issues. When you go in looks great with the pine and the contemporary design. However it was a dust bin! Dust on the fridge, fireplace, pictures and the ceiling fans were caked with it. Upon inspection of the air intake the filters were completely full and clogged. Gas fire place is great but when got to hot turned on those ceiling fans (one time) and set everyone off sneezing. Did not feel secure for several reason: First the front door lock was a bit loose and second the back sliding glass door lock was broken and could not be locked. Area seemed safe except for the fact that several people were living out of their small truck pickup camper top and car in the parking lot. Not sure if these were guests of someone else there or worked there. Did not leave a sense of being secured at night with them outside and the sliding glass door not being able to be locked.

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