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The Ridge NY

The Ridge NY
8101 Conlon Road

"The Ridge NY", originally Frost Ridge Recreation Area, has been the place for fun since the late 1950's. Skiing and Camping were the first lines of recreation, and U.S. Olympian A. J. Kitt learned to ski right here.  Over the years, The Ridge has been home to many recreational activities (hiking, biking, sports, live and recorded music, swimming, cook-offs, geocaching, etc.) while maintaining its heritage in agriculture by making organic maple syrup, serving some of the best locally grown food in the on-site restaurant, providing a place to relax and enjoy live music or enjoy a drink from the bar.  It was discovered that the main hill used for skiing and recreation activities acts as a natural amphitheater, so music was played over the PA speakers for skiers. People came from all around to enjoy these activities and some stayed right in the campground. Today, The Ridge continues this longstanding tradition of fun for people ages 2 to 92. Come out and play "Where The Fun Is!".

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