Squaw Valley Resort

1960 Squaw Valley Road

Squaw Valley is one of Lake Tahoe's premiere ski resorts, Squaw Valley is a year-round mountain destination offering world-class adventures in every season. Over 2,800 vertical feet of pure mountain bliss. Come winter, Squaw is renowned for its legendary terrain that spans, accessed by 30 chair lifts, spread across six jaw dropping beautiful mountain peaks. We have terrain parks and half pipes, two beginner areas (one locat...ed at the top of the mountain), and Tahoe's longest winter season - November through May. On average we receive over 450" of snowfall annually and are known to have snowstorms of over 3 feet at night followed by perfect sunny skies in the morning.

There is a European style pedestrian village located in the base area with quaint shops and unique restaurants as well as world class dining and two mid-mountain lodges, Gold Coast and High Camp at elevation 8200'. The High Camp facility is host to mountain top ice skating, swimming at the pool & hot tub (open mid-March through September) and dining overlooking Lake Tahoe


Hannah Pence

Monday, May 29, 2017

Squaw Valley is the biggest mountain around Lake Tahoe. It is pretty far driving from South Lake (over 1 hour) but not a bad drive from Incline, Truckee, or Reno. It's gorgeous in the winter and summer. On Memorial Day annually they host a Made-in-Tahoe event with local artisans, food vendors, and live music...easily my favorite event of the year. Stunning backdrop of alpine meadows and the dramatic cliffs of squaw valley ski resort. Truly beautiful year round at Squaw Valley resort.

Nanette Thornburg

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

This is a mountain that will have you're heart from day one. Great people to work with and an awesome staff to work for.... shout out to Lift Op's. DUDE you guys rock, bro. Everyone you meet is so nice and just real

Simon Cazals

Sunday, April 9, 2017

I had overall a very bad experience at Squaw. I rented a cabin with some friend for the entire winter (and I obviously bought a season pass). I've been there about 10 weekends this winter, so I think I've a pretty good idea of what Squaw was about this year. Yes, the snow was great, can't lie about it. But this has nothing to do with Squaw... this one the best year ever in the entire region, with at least a snow storm a week. But look at the past 5 years, snow is usually mediocre at best (I've been 2 years ago for a day and it was terrible). The real problem, is the management. I don't know if the lift guys are lazy, but they just don't open anything. As crazy as it may sounds, there was a small snow storm yesterday and it was perfect weather today. They decided to open .... 20% of the lift. I never believed I would do something like that, but even with my season pass, I decided to go to another resort and pay $100 to be able to really enjoy the snow (I don't want to name it, but it starts with North and ends with Star, and everything was open). Even more frustrating is ... the snow patrol. Sometimes, and for no good reasons, the lift will be closed to public for few hours, but they would run the lift just so their snow patrol buddies can ski fresh snow. You would assume that this is because they have work to do, right ? After all, this is there job... but no, you'll see them, go on and on, screaming while skiing to show off. If you've been reading that far, you may think "this is absurd". And you would be right, it is absurd, and true. If I ever take a season pass again, it will be another resort, because even when they get good snow (once in a decade), they don't know how to deliver to the customer. Please stay away from this resort OR wait for competent people to buy this awesome (for the region) terrain. PS : Forget about being updated with the lift status. Multiple times, we woke up and saw there website claiming "schedule opening at 9am", show up, and they didn't open before 11am. We eventually gave up and went back home (and I assume they didn't open those days).

Matt Perrone

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

What a great little resort. They throw some cool parties and events here, and their lines aren't that long at all. During the spring and summer they have some cool things going on too. Make sure you check out some things in Truckee because they will send you here to have a fun day of drinking and maybe some sunny skiing/boarding.

Limor Gavish

Saturday, March 4, 2017

This resort offers pretty good skiing and the views are amazing, However: 1) Even though the weather was really good today (apart from a little wind) they decided to close a part of the mountain which meant a lot of lines to the chairlifts and busy slopes. Which caused quite a few accidents. 2) They also closed a couple of runs to prepare for a ski competition a week ahead. In a couple of places they left narrow steep passage, along with the ice this felt pretty dangerous. And indeed someone eventually broke their collar bone because they ran into another person. 3) Ski pass is ridiculously expensive. And also the food. $12 for a bowl of chili? $13 for a chicken sandwich? 4) none of the chairlifts had a bar to put your skis/snowboard on so they had to hang in the air. 5) The entrance to almost all the chairlifts is downhill, so with the ice today people ended up sliding into the person in front. 6) When you get out of the chairlift you need to walk uphill before you can slide down. Who designed this?