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Mad River Glen

Mad River Glen
57 Schuss Pass Road

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Mad River Glen became one of Vermont's first major ski areas when the Single Chair began carrying skiers to the top of General Stark Mountain in 1948. From the very beginning, Mad River Glen has been unique, a place where skiing is a sport not an industry, working with nature not against it. Mad River Glen began a new era in 1995 when its skiers came together to form the Mad River Glen Cooperative. The Cooperative works to fulfill a simple mission:
"... to forever protect the classic Mad River Glen skiing experience by preserving low skier density, natural terrain and forests, varied trail character, and friendly community atmosphere for the benefit of shareholders, area personnel and patrons."
In an age when the ski industry is becoming increasingly consolidated and homogenized, America's only skier-owned major mountain bucks the trend by remaining independent and preserving a brand of skiing that exists nowhere else. In the Co-op's first decade we have overcome many big challenges. The mortgage has been paid off; the Co-op has proven its ability to manage the ski area; and nearly $4 million has been invested in capital projects including the replacement of the Sunnyside Double Chair, the renovation of the Stark's Nest, the purchase of new groomers, a great deal of deferred maintenance, and most significantly, the historic restoration of the Single Chair. Many skiers have commented that the ski area is in the best shape it has been in years, but our work is far from over. Over the next five years, we expect to spend another $500,000 on capital projects such as a rebuild of the Patrol and Ski School building, replacement of the drive on Birdland Double Chair and other smaller projects. Your share purchase will truly make a difference in the effort to ensure the preservation and protection of Mad River Glen's unique ski experience. All of us who have already committed ourselves to this goal invite you to join us in our mission.

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